About Us

Civil site grading, Excavation, Storm Drain systems, Pipeline construction, Plant and Facility construction and maintenance, Aggregate hauling, Roustabout services, and Environmental services.

Not every company needs all the services that we offer, but many of our customers do They may also have projects that require a combination of our services being performed simultaneously to complete their project on schedule. That’s when Diamond Services Company provides value advantages in production efficiency, cost and quality control. Our consolidated services offer you a single, reliable source for handling the whole job, or to provide customized solutions for a specific application. One company that does it all means working relationships remain simple. Project control is enhanced. And a full range of capabilities is available to meet your needs, when and wherever needed. We’re multi-faceted, so you can make just one call to get it all.

Diamond is Rock Solid
Plain and simple, we have been in business since 1958 providing energy services for our many customers.  We have the longest tenure than any similar contractor in our multi-state geographical area.

Diamond is Highest Quality
With Diamond Services you get a team of senior specialists in every area we serve. They aren’t only administrators; they’re on-site performers – managing quickly, decisively and responsively to meet your needs as they arise with whatever resources are required. We not only work smart, we add value with proven techniques and processes that address your deadline and budget parameters.

Every project we handle also benefits from our on-staff Safety Director who oversees a proactive and comprehensive safety program. We believe in the maxim “safety pays.” That’s why we enforce and invest in safety regulations, policies and procedures. From security measures and Drug Free programs to regularly scheduled equipment inspections -- Diamond Services clients count on us to do the job safely and according to local, state and federal regulatory requirements.